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Do we do photos too?

In order to focus on crafting the best video wedding story, we partner with amazing photographers that we can work well with to handle the photos for you. So let us know which partner vendors you would love to bundle us with! Bundle rates are around 5- 10% cheaper! 

Can we customise the package? 

Sure! Our prices are based on past experience with the most booked package. If you need to remove anything or add certain aspect of it, do let us know so we can better assist you to have the best possible rate that works for both of us! 

Why do we need 2 shooters?

As we have shot a couple of weddings solo and its definitely possible, what I can say is its actually very unfair for for the couple as wedding events are moments that can't be recapture, there are moments where 1 shooter is stuck to a certain shot that can be split into angles to fit the storyline. Hence I truly believe, 2 shooters is just nice to have the right storyline for a wedding story. 

We love your work! How do we book you?

Awesome! You have made the decision to book us! Please send your request via our contact page and we will get back to your asap to fix up a meet up date or a Skype call to get to know both of you and your love story. 

Once we have met (online or offline), we will prepare the agreement and invoice for both of your reference. Once signed, the first 50% of the payment will be due (non refundable). 

​If payment is not made the date is still open to other couples that make the payment first to lock the date. We work on a first come first serve basis. The last 50% is due 1 week before your wedding day.

What are premiere Seatings?

We don't believe in just handing over the custom thumbdrive and download link once we cover your most important day. So in order to "break up" with our couples, we do invite our couples to our humble place to watch the first ever showing of your very own wedding film! With drinks and popcorns, lets seat back and experience it fully. 

An example.

What are the deliverables and how long does it take to have my full day edit highlight?

Generally we deliver the main wedding film highlight / pre wedding film highlight

with the full raw edit files. 

As for timing.. we don't believe in a fix timing in crafting your story. But average of our wedding / pre wedding  film 
highlight  is around 8 - 12 mins long. 

Do you do live stream? 

Yes we do provide an essential live stream for couples that are looking to air your ceremony to your friends and family that are unable to attend due to the Covid season. Do let us know so we can provide the rate cards for you to refer. 

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