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How to write your own personal vow

When you are reading this we all know that you are stuck in front of the laptop, googled how to write your vow and with less than a month before your wedding. Stuck?

Fear not, don't just stuck at the corner crying..

Heart To Heart is here to help!


1) First of all, we always want you to dig deep and think of what you want to say at this very moment right before becoming man and wife. Spend this time to craft base on a moment.

2) Next, try not to use words like "always" or "never"... Why? Vows are never perfect. We are all humans, so don't put too much pressure on the vows that you MUST keep but treat it as a gentle reminder to you for your partner.

3) Another area to explore is to use your own relationship memories or a past story that could link your relationship together in your vow. Like a milestone that anchor the relationship. A moment that you knew she/he is the one.

4) Religion could be another area that you want to lean on. Christian couples usually use their own religion to craft their message with bible quotes to live by.

5) Lastly, always try to have funny elements in your vows and just be yourself! Be able to let your own voice. Imagine your own voice in this vow and don't have to be too formal when you write it.

Just follow the above tips and you should be able to craft a perfect vow just for your partner.


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