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(How to) Wedding Coordination & Planning

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

3 of the top questions that wedding planners/coordinators always get asked by couples..

This episode is all about the FAQ from couples to one of our friendor, Pei Weddings that handles the smallest of details of the actual day coordination wedding day. (Full video at the bottom of this page!)

Some quick tips before heading to the podcast if you are in a hurry.

  1. Try to ask past brides that had done the full 9 yard before and ask for their advise BUT do know how and when to filter out the noise of all the feedbacks. Every wedding needs are different and take the advises as 2 cents.

  2. Get old templates of seating arrangements and timeline so you don't have to recreate the formats again. Save the hassle, save the time!

  3. Getting advise from professional help like Pei Weddings that actually offer a screen through of your rundown service for you and giving advise that is base on their experience may allow you to avoid unnecessary issues along the way!

Pei Weddings || Heart to Heart BUNDLE PROMO: If you bundle both Pei Weddings and Heart To Heart, you will get a $200 off from the total price of both of our services!

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