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Wedding Makeup FAQ

At this part of your wedding planning process you might be looking through quite a few vendors and one of which is super crucial for bride to be's!

1 of the key vendors (apart of videography, "shameless plug"), are makeup artist!

And yes, we are here to offer you some tips on some of the FAQs you might be pondering!

Here we have Shu Zhen from Canvaseety makeup and hair.

She got everything you need to know about what brides need to know and what will make your pre wedding and actual wedding much much easier.

Key topics:

1) Is trial makeup a must?

2) Can we use trial makeup for pre wedding shoots?

3) Actual day tips

4) What is a bridal bag kit and how and where can you use it for

Hope this helps and let us know if you have more questions for Shu Zhen to answer!

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