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3 places to explore with your partner with GetGo (psst, read till the end to receive a gift!)

With the whole COVID now and not being able to get out safely, what better way to explore safely with driving a car. Nope we don't own a car, but we decided to try out car sharing for once and also practice driving after getting our license for over 10 years. Lol..

So we took this chance to share 3 locations that you can go with your partner and not just explore but to take photos!

We woke up super early, excited to start our adventure with GetGo. But to our dismay it was raining super heavily. So we decided to go for breakfast first before going to the first location.

The initial 3 locations we chose were ECP for the morning golden hour, Gardens by the Bay after and Rower’s Bay Park for sunset. There was no way we could shoot in the rain at ECP so we decided to change location to the National Stadium. And off we went.

National Stadium

Both Yancong and I had never been to the stadium (only need to the mall there haha) and so we decided to take this opportunity to explore. There were sheltered spots and a mall for food and drinks so it was wet weather friendly. The only downside is that you have to walk really far from the car park to the only entrance/exit of the mall to get to the outside.

Marina Barrage

Up next we headed to barrage as it had been a while since either of us went there. We explored the area around the outdoor carpark which was slippery and wet from the rain. It was still drizzling so we had to take turns taking photos of each other. We also explored inside barrage but there were a lot of areas blocked off for maintenance so we just took a few shots and headed off for lunch.

Rower’s Bay Park

After our late lunch we headed back home to wait for sunset. When it was time, we decided to bring Cai Tou along with us for a walk (she doesn’t get out much ) and having a pet friendly car sharing car made it more convenient for us to bring her along. Put her into her carrier and off we went again. The sunsets at this park is amazing but sadly because of the weather, it was cloudy and there was no sunset to see. But still, sunset or not, baby girl had so much fun walking on grass and chasing after poor dragonflies that she didn’t want to go home. Had to drag her by the leash and carry her back to put her into her pet carrier lol.

Thoughts on using GetGo

Super easy to use, there are no hidden charges in using as they are very transparent with their mileage and rental prices. What you see is what is being charged.

What’s more exciting is that now they are implementing it across the country and slowly increasing the amount of cars around the neighbourhoods. It’s is a no brainer that car sharing is the future!

The booking process takes less than 5 mins. Date, time, location and duration you need to rent, press book and you have your car booked at that very instant. We are very lucky that we have a GetGo car stationed at the carpark right below our place. Oh the convenience!

Why we recommend GetGo is because they take about your worries about things like fuel, insurance and hidden charges. We felt very assured during the rental period and now more than ever, we can have a car to drive around whenever we need it.

GetGo have offered us a promo code for our couples to use for their first drive!

Use H2H8OFF to enjoy 50% off (capped at $8) their first booking!


Yancong + Theingi

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