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Bridal Boutique Tips & Red Flags (15 mins podcast)

Hey Hearties! Recently Love Nest (a wedding planning / Boutique / 1 stop shop) close down and all the couples have lost their deposits and we felt that it is a good chance to share some knowledge on how to be a smarter couple shopping in bridal boutique stores!

Here is the full conversation:

Quick 2 mins summary:

  1. 1 golden tip is to balance what services you would want to lump into 1 service providers. All in 1 basket or spread your services to different vendors have its pros and cons. So do take that into consideration!

  2. Some critical red flags is asking for full payment before the services is provided as boutique is heavily dependent on cash flow to support their operations

  3. Making sure their customer service is constantly updating you on the progress and take note of the staff that is serving you. If there are constant staff movements, it may be saying something about their operations having some staff issue

  4. Gowns are not updated could be a sign of poor cash flow to bring in more updated and in trend gowns.

  5. Putting additional deposit for more discount (a tactic to lure for more cash upfront)

  6. Making sure the price is not amazingly cheap that is too good to be true. An average make up artist is 250 - 800 (depending on how many looks), average gown is 800 and up, average photography is about 1800 and up, average video is 2500 and up. So do make sure you know the average pricing while enquiring!

  7. Wedding fairs can help you find out information more accurately and quickly as most services are already at the wedding fair so getting information is much faster. So feel free to check out with us on the upcoming fairs this year!

Much love

Yancong + Anna

Heart to Heart & Knotz

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