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Behind the scenes with us on a wedding day..

Updated: May 6, 2023

Catch a little glimpse of how we capture the day of your wedding~

Finally get to share a little bit of our flow during an actual day wedding from both our prospective during a wedding shoot. ❤️

Ultimately we are balancing between our Hearties (we call our couples that because is cute) and our voices to the story.

Between what are truly important to them rather than what looks good. But of course every frame we shot must have some intention to use it for our edits.

We take the day as it unveil itself and we fight for every moment there is (at least when we see it or when it happens), we learn to embrace changes and let go elements that we can't control.

We celebrate, feel, tear and cheer with our couples along their journey while understanding the situation well enough for them to feel safe and that is all it matters to us.

Much love,

Yancong + Theingi

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