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A Swedish Wedding (Our first overseas shoot!)

Small little moments before the wedding

It was 2 days before the ceremony and Theingi & I decided to pop in earlier to meet everyone that are close to Fingal and Priscilla in Malmo Sweden. It took us 13 - 14 hours flight, 1 layover and a 2 hours train ride from Copenhagen to this little town called Silpinge. This little cottage house is their family vacation home whenever summer break comes around the corner. This year is a little more festivity because of this wedding for the Olsens.

A little dip in the near by lake..

1 day before their wedding while things are getting set up, we all went for a dip in the amazing near by lake and getting all the last min shopping done. Fun fact about most Swedish culture is to have the DIY spirit. So there are alot of hands on in creation of a celebration that makes it so fun!

Wedding Day (Video + Photo)

It was a long way to be part of this journey, we are thankful for all the opportunities and hurdles and we can't wait to create more beautiful work locally or overseas.


Yancong + Theingi

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