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Singapore Wedding Emcee & frequently asked questions ft Emcee Botak

This week's podcast is all about wedding emcees and all the top questions that couple usually seeks out wedding emcee for help!

We invited our friendor Emcee Botak to give some great advices and also get to know him as an emcee, a friend, a husband and a father.

If you are too busy,

TLDR to skip to the main parts,

  1. what is the overall flow of a wedding banquet (13:23mins),

  2. what games to play for banquet (14:08mins) and

  3. what languages to speak for your wedding (bilingual situation) (20:45mins)

Hope this helps and if you would need more advices or if you need certain areas that we can help, do let us know! :)

Much love

Yancong + Theingi

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