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Ethel & Wen Da Actual Day

We were so glad that we got to shoot both their pre wedding and actual day to make it full circle from understanding their love story to the point where their family and friends are around to celebrate their postponed big day.

We ended up at Old Parliament House as the final venue.

Some of the video screen grabs from what we have shot that day:

Postponement nightmare

We almost had to cancel or find a replacement for them because of the postpone date clashes with another couple of ours but thank god the other couple chose to postpone theirs due to the uncertainty of the heighten alert and what it may unfold in the near future. So they have 7 days to reorganise their plans from venue, vendors and guest list and swap testing all guests as they have more than 50 pax.

Emotional Family Time

We didn't knew their family is super emotional though we all know asian parents usually wouldn't want to voice out verbally their love for their kids. But when we sent the questionnaire to them on what they hope to see on their heirloom video, they wrote family moments and bonding is something they really want to see and we had the chance to set the scenes up for them. Pull them out of the hectic timeline of events to spend a little moment just between the parents and them. We don't believe in curating or forcing out the moments but just let the conversation flow as it is...

The ra ra and the kiss:

Finally the bridal party was so so awesome. Close knitted friends for years with everyone just having fun and cheering for them. We are as hype as all of them.

Is our first attempt shooting in such a historical building and it was magical..

Initially we had a same day edit for them to play on their banquet, but due to no dine in policy in Singapore, we had to scrap the whole plan. BUT we wanted to create something magical to have something to keepsake at least the following day to see in motion while waiting for the final film to completed...

Here it is...

Thank you Ethel and Wen Da for such a memorable experience with both of you and being so open to us is such a privilege.

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