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Heart To Heart Talk Podcast Ft Eric Floberg

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This week we are back to heart to heart talk. This is kinda the first blog for this podcast and here is a little side thing we do for our brand.

We love to talk and communicate with the community, to touch base with the people that made the wedding industry what is is today. All the blood, sweat and I believe lots of tears in the countless times of weddings we shoot, prep and deco.

So this podcast is sort of like a little hub, platform to touch base and to appreciate the craft of friendors around us.

This episode Yancong finally get to talk to his inspiration from the states. Eric Floberg is a filmmaker based in Chicago, he started as a photographer but now able to craft with digital and also film.

He created lots of beautiful stories for his couple and you should really check him out!

We had deep conversation about how he became who he is today, the flow of his style and how he communicate and connect with his couples.

Lots more on today's episode.

PS: I am still fan boying this moment.

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