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Heighten Alert Rules & Regulations for Weddings

As we all know that there is HUGE shift in alert level in Singapore and the wedding industry and we know is very frustrating to replan all the hard work that you have place yourself in and may have to shift some plans around.

But to make your life a little better we have borrowed a a few lines from Marklin (wedding industry photographer) simplified version of the pages long black and white to these few lines:

Phase II (HA)


Mask has to be worn throughout the wedding. This includes the bride and groom, and for phototaking. A 1-meter apart distance is also required for phototaking. There should also be no more than 2 visitors allowed into your home for the day.

Phase II (HA)

Pre-weddings & Families

The current directives from IMDA and relevant governing bodies require a 1-meter distance apart in the photos. Masks can only be taken off for photos.

These are the most critical points that are being highlighted because it may be in grey area for some of the agencies.

Us a vendors don't want you to break the rules as much as possible because we all want to play a part of helping Singapore to gain back normality.

We are all in this together!


Yancong + Theingi

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