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Jessie x Stanley Heartwarming Story

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Last Saturday we just shot the actual day wedding for Jessie & Stanley @ the beautiful Orchard Hotel Ballroom (surprisingly huge internal ball room space).

It was 8 - 10 months ago we completed their pre wedding film, we bonded over an evening meet up and talk about their relationship when they had the most unique dating life of LDR when Stanley is working in Ghana for months and they had to maintain their love life by calling and msging each other through late nights when Stanley is working on a ship.

Both of them will get emotional when they walked down that part of their memory lane.

They were really excited on that day and to be able to complete the journey of bf and gf to know officially man and wife is truly amazing.

We loved how natural they are in front of the camera and they were so comfortable with us that we were able to capture the family bonding, the brothers and sisters hanging out, the moments that we were hunting for them is truly priceless.

Words just can't describe it when they first saw the SDE on the big screen, when both pre weddings and the actual day was merge together to tell their story and what lead to the actual day.

Fun fact: We chose this song "last chance" by Chptrs 6 months before their wedding day as we felt that was best representation of their relationship. That last chance that Jessie thought she might not be able to find "the one" after facing multiple bad relationship. But the white in shiny amour Stanley came to her life and that leap of faith changed her life..

Here is the video...

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