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Our Pre Wedding Process

Ever wonder how we create heirloom piece with our couples? This month we wanted to dive a little deeper on the process on how we connect with our couples to create timeless piece with our couples.

Side notes, these points are so so important that it had to be typed out:

First of all, in order to connect well with couples, we always encourage our couples to share as much as they can on their story. The more we understand, the better we can resonate their film and story.

And we truly believe no 2 stories are the same. Our approach might be similar to capture it, BUT the story is always different and unique on their own.

Another key point we always try to advocate to couples is create this project with us for your own keepsake and try not to think of what others (relatives or friends) might think about the film. This is your story. You do you!

Ok, less words.. here is the full process..

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